We never settle.  We don't emulate.  We use slogans like "think outside the bag" because they define our goal of creating meaningful products that enhance the accuracy and abilities of our end users. 


The American Dream

Words convey facts and feelings, but numbers define a company's achievements and contributions. This is the beginning of something bigger than a bag. 

The Clutch by Armageddon Gear

Sometimes two bags are better than one... This 3 in 1 versatile solution is designed to be lighter, faster and more efficient.  Shift into high gear!

Game changer by Armageddon Gear

We partnered with the most successful manufacturer in the industry to make the most stable shooting bag better and more accessible.

The Game changer...

Geometry, materials and ingenuity combine to form the simplest, most effective solution for marksmen.  It's not just another bag...

The OG By Armageddon Gear

Simpler is better. Bigger is bolder. More mass is where its at... Introducing the OG by the baddest manufacturer in the industry - Pray you'll never need a bag this good.

Building the 'Perfect' Rifle

Everyone has preferences, but a few features consistently yield higher performance; consider this when building your 'perfect' rifle.

The Clutch

This ongoing project combines multiple fill materials, purposeful fabrics and a unique tension system in a wedged effort to provide stability.  The world is not flat...

RPS Proprietary Plastics

Learn about the advancements RPS has developed to formulate the ideal poly bead fill for our support bags.