RPS Proprietary Plastic Formula

Our goal is to produce the best possible products for our customers.  In order to accomplish that, sometimes we have to go outside of our comfort zone.  In this project, we entered the expansive world of plastics where our research directed us to the study of polycarbonates and the compounds that determine characteristics in plastic development.  The results we were seeking for the Gamechanger and upcoming products involved the following attributes:

RPS CHA Chair Angle.jpg

1. Function

Our primary requirement for the project was to ensure that the functionality of the Game Changer was not compromised.  Upon release a few months ago, this bag quickly became the most considerable and efficient solution for overcoming unsteady shooting positions from small to medium width substrates such as the Barricade.  This development quest only made it better...

RPS_GC Carry.jpg

2. Mass

Everyone has heard the saying: "ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain", which is why we selected poly compounds that yield the least amount of mass in their solid state of matter. The result is a 15% reduction in weight of the Game Changer shooting support bag (I.E.: 5-1/2 pounds versus 6-1/2 pounds of previous models).  This leaner Game Changer is now more manageable on the range and may reduce your protein consumption when traversing from position to position...

RPS CHA GC Crotch Shot.jpg

3. Consistency/Durability

To make minute adjustments with a support bag, fine materials with predictable and repeatable compression characteristics are desired. We required a consistent base with high-density properties to ensure durability and the nonporous surface does not allow these beads to absorb moisture and swell.  Through continued sourcing efforts, we were able to source recycled plastics for our formula; hippies can now rejoice while we stay on target...  

In addition to the characteristics listed above, our proprietary beads create less noise from movement due the the smooth outer shell and are locally developed in our home state of North Carolina.  After extensive testing and user feedback, we are proud to introduce the thoughtfully developed Reasor Precision Solutions' Polypropylene bead characteristics as the foundation for our products.  We will continue to study plastics in hopes of further enhancing the attributes mentioned in this report.  Never settle.