The product that redefined stability and challenged shooters to

"think outside the bag"



We call this bag the "Game Changer" because of the impact and buzz it is creating on the range.  This support bag was intentionally designed for use on barricades and other unsupported positions such as fence rails, car doors, ladders, windows, and any substrate with a width of 1/4" to 4".  We used our experience and ingenuity to create more surface area to grip the support and give shooters up to 10" of steady, lineal contact with their rifle.  This bag allows shooters to make those minute adjustments and apply the fundamentals of marksmanship to hit small targets at long distances.  Our research team has thoroughly tested this bag with an assortment of chassis, stocks and rifles each yielding the same result: more hits on target!

RPS CHA Chair GC Rifle.jpg

Yes it has a funny shape, but this is the ingenuity aspect that creates more surface area and a fulcrum to lock your rifle into position on a support.  Additionally, it is classified as a bag and can be used for rear support or front support in various positions which is senseless for match directors to exclude or place on a banned equipment list like we are seeing take place with tripods.  

This is the "Game Changer" by Reasor Precision Solutions. (model discontinued)

US Patent Number: 10,048,034

Additional Patents Pending